Lakers Suites


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Located at the belly of the venue providing an eye-level view of the performance, these suites cater to parties of up to 12 - and include a walk-out terrace with booth seating as well as storage space for jackets and other personal items. These suites were designed with fans in mind with plenty of room to dance and party away from the crowd.

Large, luxury custom-made seating provides the ultimate comfort and class for your group! Need to have a meeting or quiet conversation? Step out into the Lakers Lounge beyond your private french doors.

Lakers Suite amenities include:

  • Expedited private entry
  • Suite Attendants
  • Customizable food & beverage menu
  • World-class catering and food by Entourage
  • Large HDTV Screens
  • Security Service
  • Rooftop patio access
  • Main Floor & Club Level access

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